Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Crafts and Projects With Jacquard Ribbon

There seems to be a rather growing trend these days for people to take on crafts and do it yourself projects, from making jewelry to your own clothing and accessories. The many crafts and projects that are out there may seem overwhelming, and you may find yourself wondering where to start, or what your forte may be in the crafting world. There are so many to choose from, including beadwork where you can make your own intricate earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, or crocheting or knitting your own beautiful scarves and shawls. What if you were making your own headbands and belts? There are so many sorts of crafts you can do, it may seem a bit overwhelming!

What if you could start with a beautiful piece of jacquard ribbon, which is simply a fabric of intricate design that is usually quite beautiful and unique in that the pattern is not merely stamped onto the fabric of the ribbon, but the fabric has had a pattern woven directly into it. This makes it uniquely a Jacquard fabric, and there are many ways to incorporate Jacquard ribbons into crafts and projects you may wish to undertake.

For instance, you can make beautiful headbands from pieces of jacquard ribbon that you attach to stretchable fabric or have a tie or clasp at the ends. The accents to any hair design could be enhanced with a unique ribbon that you sew or craft yourself. You can even make roses or flowers out of pieces to accent the headband and make it into a fascinator if you wish. The options are many!

In addition, you could add this ribbon to any shawl or scarf you are knitting or crocheting, to enhance any of these clothing pieces. The weaving of ribbon onto a scarf as a tie or into the scarf itself as an accent can make it more unique and differentiate your design from others. You can add a ribbon to the ends of a shawl as a closure, for chilly or windy days when you don't want it to fall off. Any piece of clothing you have sewn or bought can be decorated with an accenting ribbon to change the design slightly. Adding some patterned jacquard to the bottom of a skirt, or to the collar of a plain shirt can add the dimension of playfulness or magnificence to anything you have created for an article of clothing.

When you are crafting with jacquard ribbon you can find endless possibilities for their use. Putting them into almost any craft project can add a bit of beauty in the form of brilliant fabrics that can dress up anything from a headband to a bracelet if used with skill and a little precision. The beauty of this fabric comes in so many amazing designs and colors that you will be sure to find one that matches your project and your taste. Shopping for jacquard ribbon online can reveal many options to you when you are on your quest!

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