Sunday, 23 March 2014

Choosing Craft Supplies For Children

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, it is always useful to have craft supplies for children at hand. However, it might be difficult to find the right products if you are not too familiar with what children use in crafting. Therefore, shop for the right craft supplies and craft equipment with this simple guide.

Essentials Of Arts And Craft Supplies

The age of the children is an important factor that determines which supplies are suitable for them. For instance, tools such as scissors should not be used by little children under 3 years of age. Here are some essential arts and craft materials:

Paper. You might be surprised at the vast choice of paper, which is one of the most important things for arts and crafts. There are many types of paper, for instance, construction paper, which is sturdier. Copy paper is great for drawing, whereas tissue paper can be used to construct butterflies, sun-catchers and more. Additionally, felt and foam, though not papers, are perfect as crafts supplies due to the many varieties available.

The Craft of Writing

I'm not a big proponent of books on writing. I know, I know, lots of folks swear by them. From the old Strunk White to Julie Cameron's inspirational works and everything in between, writers plow through countless tomes to help them pen that next bestseller.

Countless writers query book development editors, to employ their services, who haven't written much. Perhaps a few chapters, with an idea of where the rest of the book is going. Perhaps even a first draft. Often this is their initial stab at fiction, and before they've even contacted one, they have already signed with an Indy house, have the cover and pub date. Possibly even a publicist. Oy!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Crafts and Projects With Jacquard Ribbon

There seems to be a rather growing trend these days for people to take on crafts and do it yourself projects, from making jewelry to your own clothing and accessories. The many crafts and projects that are out there may seem overwhelming, and you may find yourself wondering where to start, or what your forte may be in the crafting world. There are so many to choose from, including beadwork where you can make your own intricate earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, or crocheting or knitting your own beautiful scarves and shawls. What if you were making your own headbands and belts? There are so many sorts of crafts you can do, it may seem a bit overwhelming!

What if you could start with a beautiful piece of jacquard ribbon, which is simply a fabric of intricate design that is usually quite beautiful and unique in that the pattern is not merely stamped onto the fabric of the ribbon, but the fabric has had a pattern woven directly into it. This makes it uniquely a Jacquard fabric, and there are many ways to incorporate Jacquard ribbons into crafts and projects you may wish to undertake.

The Different Kinds of Craft Stamps

All of your stamps can be used for different types of crafts Knowing what you can do with each kind of stamp will help you to know what you should be purchasing for your craft.

Clear Stamps with Acrylic blocks: Clear stamps are becoming more and more popular. These clear stamps will stick to your acrylic block making is easy to have precise placement when stamping. They are usually sold as sets so you get more stamps for your money. They also come in a protective case that makes it easy to store and organize them.

Wooden Mounted Rubber: These stamps will give you the best detailed images when you use them. They are deep etched and are ideal for stamping on soft surfaces like fabric. These stamps are supplies ready to use in a wide variety of different styles.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Develop Your Child's Interest in Art and Craft!

Arts and crafts are great ways to help children develop interest in creative things and also gain the ability to appreciate the finer details of life. From drawing and painting, craft to any other type of project that involves making use of creativity, together with out-of-the-box thinking can help develop the child's mental stimulation together with making the child a more rounded individual. If you want your children to have a complete personality, then it's crucial to develop their interest in art and craft at an early age and here are five tips to help you in your mission of bringing your children closer to the world of art and crafts.

1. Show your Children that Art can be Fun

Children are more liable to be interested in arts and crafts if you make it look and sound fun. Instead of sending kids off to their room with a colouring book and some art and craft supplies like crayons or sketch pens, you can try to turn it into a game or a fun activity. Always join your kids in their art experiments and turn it into a team activity. This way you can also bond with your children better and give them some memories to cherish once they grow up. Also, another crucial thing is never to force art upon your children or it will take away all the fun and learning from it. So be encouraging without being too pushy.

2. Target their Interests